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Use Crazy Egg to get access to your website's heatmap, snapshots that display …

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The Scrollmap shows sections of the page that have been viewed the most. The brightest sections have been viewed the most number of times and the darker sections have been viewed the least.

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Through Crazy Egg's heatmap and scroll map reports you can get an understanding of how your visitors engage with your website so you can boost your conversion rates.

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Use Crazy Egg to see what's hot and what's not, and to know what your web visitors are doing with tools, such as heatmaps, recordings, A/B testing & more.

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Crazy Egg heatmap tool guide. See what people actually care about on a web …

Use Crazy Egg to get access to your website’s heatmap, snapshots that display your visitors’ click behavior and the greatest A/B testing tool available!

Crazy Egg is the Leader in Visual Website Analytics and Heatmaps. With Crazy …

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Create the perfect page with Crazy Egg A/B Testing Tool. Make data-backed decisions that will impact your bottom line over time. With Crazy Egg A/B Testing , know with certainty you picked the correct content placement, color, image, or copy …

Use Crazy Egg to see what’s hot and what’s not, and to know what your web visitors are doing with tools, such as heatmaps, recordings, A/B testing & more.