Mar 12, 2019 … This is a COMPLETE guide to commercial intent. So if you want to find buyer intent keywords, you'll love the super actionable tips in this post.

I’ve been focusing more on ‘commercial intent’ when carrying out keyword research of late, including many other suggestions you make to improve CTR’s & on page SEO; leading to some awesome improvements in rankings for a client of ours!

Oct 7, 2018 … What's the point of researching a keyword anyway? …. The intent of higher-funnel , less commercial keywords might be better met with a blog …

Jan 17, 2019 ... keyword research: The definitive guide (2019 updated) …. Keyword Research is about finding the user's intent ….. A very interesting parameter which I almost didn't mention separately is the commercial intent of a keyword.

Jun 8, 2018 … The search volume of a keyword doesn't matter. Yeah, you heard us. It doesn't matter how often or how much people are searching the internet …

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Keyword research is the best way to find new, relevant keywords to expand your paid and organic search marketing campaigns. Therefore, it makes sense to target commercial keywords with shopping ads, conversion-optimized landing pages and other content that makes it easy to buy.

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As you research SEO keywords, remember the commercial intent of a keyword surpasses the value of search volume of the same keyword. One metric you can use to determine the real-world commercial intent of any given keyword is Google AdWords Suggested Bid.

What is Keyword Research? Keyword research is the process of discovering words and phrases that people use in search engines with the ultimate goal of optimizing content around those terms.

This is the ultimate guide to keyword research in 2019. In this …… As I said in that chapter, commercial intent was something I used to gloss over. Then I learned …

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Keyword Research is about finding the user’s intent In other words, what precisely a user is looking for, on world wide web. And when it’s about user’s intent, we humans are too predictable.

I am not saying that keyword research is the all in all. The SEO is the most important. The keywords give you an idea to think and to feel the fear to target the keyword if its difficulty is high.