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16 Dec 2014 … Design is based on trend. If you look at … What's the difference between UI design and UX design? 309,551 … Is "flat design" more than just a passing trend ?

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But since flat design has been around for several years now and is still going strong, it's likely more than just a passing trend. So let's look at its pros and But one of the problems with trends is that some designers will apply them just to follow the crowd, without really thinking about their usefulness.

In Defence Of Skeuomorphism Like anything in design, there is tasteful use of skeuomorphism and then there is going too far. Apple has arguably optimized for the first-time user experience of their apps, but their use of skeuomorphism has a purpose. 21 jan 2018 … Skeuomorphism gets

Very likely, "flat design" was introduced by Apple/John Ivy as simply a way to not alienate the UI designer I think material is in line with current trends but also forward thinking in it's very thorough and Most of the time these Design aesthetics are cyclic..or seasonal. Flat design isn't something…

So is “Flat Design” here to stay, or is it simply a passing trend that will be … Animation is something that many “Flat” websites are placing more attention on.

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19 Nov 2013 … Recently while perusing some of the discussions that are currently happening throughout the web design community, I happened across an …

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Recently while perusing some of the discussions that are currently happening throughout the web design community, I happened across an Furthermore, it got me asking whether this technique was actually a trend ready to pass in the wake of our attentions turning elsewhere, or something more?

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