What’s New For Designers, November 2017 What’s New for Designers, October 2017 By Carrie Cousins | Oct. 16, 2017 This month’s collection is packed with tools that span the scope of website design projects. The self-healing power of the robot in the film “terminator 2” has inspired the design

As we designed version 2.0 we kept in regular contact with William, a phone call every other day. On every call William told us how much he liked our original idea, but that Jim would never go for it. As the design came closer to completion we insisted on a face to face to discuss the design.

When they finally pulled up in a shiny new garbage truck, William climbed out of the cab to greet us but Jim walked away without a second glance.

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Oftentimes, no matter how you handle a project, the client is an *** and you’ve no choice but to walk away. JW Waste Management [not its real name] is that kind of client.

Communicating With Web Designers: A Digital Marketer’s Field Guide Sure, plenty of digital marketers are great designers, but their decisions are driven by data and specific goals. Of course, there's no shortage of web I've always found communicating with web developers to be very straightforward. Provide them with cause and effect backed

trash_design ist eine Abteilung des Demontage- und Recycling-Zentrums (DRZ). Das DRZ ist ein sozialökonomischer Betrieb und eine Einrichtung der Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH.

Look at the letters around you: on street signs, stores, restaurant menus, the covers of books. Whether you realize it or not, the letters are speaking to you, telling you something beyond the literal text — that whatever they represent is modern or finely crafted or fantastical or zany.

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Some bins were dropped off at a recycling center, others were dumped out on a concealed patch of scrubland next to their lot. My partner asked if it was legal.

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