5 Ways To Deal With Projects For Friends & Family The Use Of Illustration In Web Design 30 Examples of Illustration Styles in Web Design. Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration – May 23. Illustration can turn an average website into something really unique, it’s a powerful and creative medium which can
Reddit Launches Judicious Redesign Reddit users can now join chat rooms of their choosing, and converse with people who share their interests. And all without having to use the standard Reddit UI. Internet Social Media Tech News Reddit now offers live chat rooms organized by subreddit. This

Once upon a time, we had emotions. Now, we have Emojis. At our disposal, we have ten different expressions of anger, a dozen heart symbols, at least five stages of boredom, and more baby animals than you can shake a stick at. What we don’t have,… Once upon a time, we had emotions. Now, we have Emoji

There is a fascinating history behind the little icons in text-based communications known as Emoticons and Emoji. 😉 Chances are you use them on a regular basis. In a way, they’ve become an intrinsic part of electronic communication. But do you know how Emoticons originated and what led to their wid

A huge range of free emoji images are available from sites like EmojiCopy, as well as from smartphone apps. Here are some of the best options available.

Emoji have been taking the texting world by storm for the last couple of years, but if you’re just now seeing the light, here’s how to use emoji on your iPhone to send your friends smiley faces and virtual kisses. Join 250,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature

Generic emojis are for suckers, especially when you can use an app like Bitmoji to turn yourself into an emoji. Here’s a breakdown of the app’s features. window.DTVideosNG = window.DTVideosNG || [] window.DTVideosNG.push(function() { window.DTVideosNG.create({“autoplayAllowed”:true,”discoveryAllowed

Infographic: Flat Design Vs. Skeuomorphism 23 dic 2013 … Su diseño puede dar pistas de su edad, las tendencias evolucionan en el tiempo . flat-vs-skeuomorphism. Enlace | Infographic: Flat design vs. What about the following months where a billion infographics trended about Flat Design vs. Skeuomorphism? I bet